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Zarephath Home

Zarephath Home was started on April 28, 2001, with two residents in a rented house. On April 12, 2006, Zarephath was blessed with its own building with 16 residents and three staff. The building can accommodate up to 30 residents; however, the construction is not complete on the outside due to lack of funding. The residents are adopted by Zarephath and provided food (it only costs IRS450/US$10 to feed one resident for an entire month!), medicine, shelter, etc. Six residents have deceased since the home was started, and as of December 2006, there are fourteen residents.

Zarephath Housing Aid

Zarephath Housing Aid provides housing for poor families. One house was built in 2004 at Kanyakumari District for a poor family. In 1995, even before the ministry was registered as a non-profit organization, two houses were built at Virudhunagar District for two poor widows with families.

Zarephath Education Aid

Zarephath Education Aid supports low-income students with education expenses. As of December 2006, Zarephath has helped three Engineering students, 15 Nursing students, and about 50 other students.

Zarephath Medical Aid

Zarephath Medical Aid not only helps the residents of Zarephath Home with all their medical expenses, but reaches out to the poor and unfortunate with their medical expenses, whether it is a one-time expense, or on a regular basis. So far, nine non-residents of Zarephath Home have benefited from Zarephath Medical Aid.

Zarephath Financial Aid

Zarephath Financial Aid provides financial help for the unfortunate, especially poor widows and their families. So far, Zarephath has helped eight widows' children with wedding and funeral expenses in addition to covering expenses for six funerals of residents of the Zarephath Home.


- A post card with a Bible verse is mailed to about 1,500 widow(er)s per month. The monthly Bible verse is mailed with the hope that it will bring comfort to the widow(er)s in their times of loneliness.  The verses are handwritten, to show that someone has taken time to care for them and pray for them. This ministry started with five widows in 1987.
- Peace seminars for widows, widowers and the destitute were conducted in 2001 and 2006. About 300 participated in each seminar.

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